Sunday, 12 October 2014

Giving Thanks

As our son and our nieces get a little older, they get more and more fun to be around and this Thanksgiving was no exception. My entire extended family gathered at my Mom's house bright and early Saturday morning. The air was crisp, the skies were bright and we were off en masse to visit Science North!

Lots of anticipation on our way in.
Butterfly conservatory
The lake was gorgeous.
Signature exhibit: the fin whale skeleton

Five hours later (!), we got back to my Mom's house and had an extremely generous Thanksgiving dinner and eventually slipped into a long food coma.

Mom's bird feeder was doing brisk business. 
Sunday, we eventually emerged to a breakfast of eggs and waffles. Having scrubbed the sleep from our eyes, we tromped out to Onaping Falls to take in the best of the fall colours. I'm only going to post two pictures here but I took several more. 

The falls from the lookout.
The falls from the top.
Tomorrow we head home and into the last two weeks of the campaign. Deep breath!

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