Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Vox Populi

Well, that was some election! Fred is our new Mayor in something of a landslide and I have to say I was surprised - the polls were actually right for a change!

Arlene Vanderbeek is our new Councillor, again, in something of a landslide. She picked up around 44% of the vote for which 44% of Dundas turned out. That works out to roughly 19% of all eligible voters.

Greg Van Geffen is our new public trustee and I am very glad. He seems like a great guy. At least one of my votes stuck!

Me? I came in fifth with almost 400 votes or 5% of votes cast which means the City will refund my nomination money. Sweet!

It was a tremendous amount of work and I don't have a single regret. I got to see Dundas from a completely new perspective and I made a ton of friends that I wouldn't have otherwise. I made a plan and stuck to it. I raised a lot of important issues along the way and I know people were listening.

It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there and people really do recognize the effort. Just today I walked down to the Metro and had people congratulate me in the street for running. That sort of thing really puts a spring in your step.

Would I do anything differently next time? Absolutely! Clearly signs are now a thing in Dundas so that needs budgeting. I would also need to budget for a mail drop or two. Delivering my cards by hand was a lot of fun but it does limit coverage.

Would either of those things have made a difference this time around? Nope! I'm pretty pleased with what an unknown guy was able to achieve with unpopular ideas and a relatively tiny budget!

My campaign has lit a fire in me that won't soon be extinguished. I'm really excited to get involved at Central once the boy starts there next year and I am really looking forward to working with (and hopefully on) the new Community Council.

Remember those new shoes from my first post? They're absolutely done.

Poor things
Thanks for reading everyone and an extra special thank you to everyone that voted for me. Please say hi if you see me around town!

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