Thursday, 21 August 2014

Terms and Conditions

I reached an exciting milestone today on social media: this blog is now up and over 1,000 page views. Yay!

Considering that we're still basically in the middle of summer, I'm really impressed. I'm also closing in on 150 followers on Twitter. Just a few more witty rejoinders and I'll be there!

Anyhow, I was asked today about term limits for Council. Luckily, this is something I've already planned and considered for myself as a candidate. Whether or not the issue ever makes it to a vote, if elected, I am committed to working for Dundas for three terms. Following that, my time will be up and I will make way for a worthy successor.

This would be a span of twelve years, which seems just about right if properly executed. A lot of my larger ideas would take time to effect so I see my tenure on Council unfolding in three phases.

Term 1: Advocate for Dundas. Jump in and learn the ropes. Meet and work with Staff. Understand Council. Collect reams of data.

Term 2: The implementation phase. Use the relationships I've built with Staff and Council to get important things on the books and done.

Term 3: Measuring the results and optimization. Preparing the transition to the next Councillor.

After that, who knows? Mayor, private sector, retirement? We'll cross that bridge when we get to it!

Setting a plan and creating milestones will instill in me a sense of purpose and urgency. It's the way a business as large as the City should be run.

I believe in term limits in principle as they allow Council an opportunity for regular renewal. Ideally, a quarter to a third of Council would turn over with every election. That will keep enthusiasm and energy at a high level while allowing for a productive amount of mentoring as senior Councillors help the "kids" adapt to their new environment.

One last note: as with the sound of cicadas in the night, a sure sign that summer is waning is the debut of Roma tomato bushel baskets at Fortinos. Stay tuned for my Mémère Dubeau's out-of-this-world tomato sauce recipe!


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